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1 BVU?
1.1 What other symbols are there?

Printed Cherokee syllabary

Cherokee syllabary

1.2 What does the "BVU" stand for?

Cherokee Syllabary symbols for SI-QUO-YA...Sequoyah!

1.3 What is the syllabary?

Cherokee syllabary

The Cherokee syllabary was invented by George Guess/Gist, a.k.a. Chief Sequoyah, of the Cherokee, and was developed between 1809 and 1824. At first Sequoyah experimented with a writing system based on logograms, but found this cumbersome and unsuitable for Cherokee. He later developed a syllabary which was originally cursive and hand-written, but it was too difficult and expensive to produce a printed version, so he devised a new version with symbols based on letters from the Latin alphabet and Western numerals.

Sequoyah's descendants claim that he was the last surviving member of his tribe's scribe clan and the Cherokee syllabary was invented by persons unknown at a much earlier date.

By 1820 thousands of Cherokees had learnt the syllabary, and by 1830, 90% were literate in their own language. Books, religious texts, almanacs and newspapers were all published using the syllabary, which was widely used for over 100 years.

Today the syllabary is still used; efforts are being made to revive both the Cherokee language and the Cherokee syllabary, and Cherokee courses are offered at a number of schools, colleges and universities.

2 How far are you from...?
2.1 How far are you from the Harrah's Cherokee Casino & Resort?

Although the Sequoyah National is not within the Qualla Boundary, we are a very quick 5 minute drive from Harrah's!

2.2 How far are you from Asheville?

A scenic 1 hour drive west, mostly on the The Great Smoky Mountain Expressway! 

2.3 How far are you from Waynesville?

Head west on The Great Smoky Mountain Expressway roughly 30 min.

2.4 How far are you from Atlanta?

Take the climb into the mountains, with good traffic you should arrive in under 3 hours.

3 Rates?
3.1 How can I find your rates?

Call us! We offer a variety of rates and they change throughout the year. Call 828-497-3000 (ext. 1) for the most current information.

3.2 Senior rates?

Yes! For guests 65+, but only Mon-Wed. Call 828-497-3000 for the most current rates.

3.3 Group Rates?

For group rates contact our Group Sales Coordinator, Travis Erickson at [email protected]

3.4 Harrah's Guests Rates?

Yes! All Harrah's guests, regardless of Total Rewards status, get our Harrah's VIP rate. Call 828-497-3000 or Harrah's Cherokee Casino & Resort for the most current weekday and weekend rates.